What inspired you to make this documentary?

Jared's wife, Michelle, requested a copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin for Christmas a few years ago, and the back of the book mentions that Josiah Henson – who served as the real-life inspiration for the fictional character of Uncle Tom – settled in Ontario, Canada. This piqued Jared's curiosity, and he quickly discovered that Josiah’s cabin was just a few hours from their home. The following summer, Jared and Michelle visited the site, read Josiah Henson's small memoir, and lamented that no one really knew the story of this incredible man. This inspired Jared to set off on a 3,000-mile journey to re-trace Josiah’s journey from slavery to freedom.

What is the goal of the film?

One of the goals of the documentary is to reintroduce the world to a forgotten hero of the Abolitionist movement. Though no hero is perfect, Josiah Henson embodied many character traits that we can still be inspired by, like his steadfast integrity, tenacious courage, and sacrificial generosity. The film also serves as a reminder that modern slavery is alive and well, and that we have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters around the world to end exploitation and abuse.

How long is the film?

55 minutes.

I’m a teacher. If I show the film to my class, does it come with extra teacher resources?

Yes! We've created a package for educators that includes a teacher guide, discussion questions, and assignment ideas. Get started here.

I'm a university/college professor and am interested in making the documentary and/or book part of my course. How can I do this?

Please contact us here with your request, and we'll send you more details on special offers for universities.

How do I host a screening?

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How can I book Jared to speak at my event?

Jared has plenty of experience with many types of audiences – universities, churches, museums, libraries, schools, conferences, and other community organizations. Here's what previous hosts are saying. If you would like more info on bringing Jared in, please shoot us an email at contact@josiahhenson.com.